As a horror writer, I like to watch films in the genre to keep my creative juices flowing. Lately, I’ve been scrolling through Netflix and Amazon Prime for films to watch.
Wishmaster caught my attention on Netflix. ‘90s horror. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) is in it and I absolutely loved the Nightmare on Elmstreet flicks. Cheesy creepy, sign me up!

As far as story, I love that the plot comes full circle. And, the plot centers on something we are all interested in—having our wishes granted. We’ve all sat around day dreaming how a genie granting our three wishes would be rather amaze balls. However, this movie is about a djinn (essentially an evil genie). This is a concept worth exploring. I’m sure you can imagine the possibilities.

Without going into the whole plot, I can tell you that the film is amusing. The special effects are dated (which make them extra fun, in my opinion) and the acting is not the greatest—but no one watching this is expecting Oscar material. And, there are many actors (not just Robert Englund) from other horror films who make appearances or cameos. I’ll let you see if you can guess (or you can cheat and go to Wikipedia).

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the evil genie prey on weak characters who succumbed to his wishing suggestions. (If you are savvy about law, he’s definitely “leading” his victims). It was also entertaining to see what happens when someone doesn’t fall into his trap. The main character ends up being quite a good match for him, as she has the will power to use her wishes wisely—at least the last one, which is the one that counts. Would you have that much self-control? It’s definitely fascinating to throw all these ideas around while watching the mayhem unfold.

Nostalgic for ‘90s horror? Rent this movie, for sure. Now, there are sequels, but Wes Craven executive produced this installation and forsook the rest. Not sure I’m willing to watch the rest of them, unless I’m willing to sign on for complete ridiculousness. Not ready yet.

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