Legend Trippers


Legend Trippers A railroad engineer rescues a boy from almost getting run over by his locomotive, leaving him stranded near the infamous Pope Lick trestle, wondering how to convince his boss the incident wasn't his fault. When a girl from the scene of the accident goes missing, Jaxon vows to get to the bottom of her disappearance, hoping to find proof of the [...]

Legend Trippers


Legend Trippers A railroad engineer named Jaxon rescues a boy from getting run over by his locomotive only for his boss to accuse him of being responsible. Stranded near the Pope Lick trestle, Jaxon vows to hunt down the source of the red glowing eyes he'd seen during the incident and gather the evidence prove he hasn't gone crazy. Hoping to find the girl who'd gone [...]

Guily as Cell


Guily as Cell Andrew kept lifting his cellular from his shorts’ pocket. “I’m gonna drown that thing one of these days,” Jorge said, casting a line into the murky lake. Andrew sneered. After hooking a frozen shrimp and sending it into the water, he belched obnoxiously. “Dude, you’re scaring the fish away.” They laughed. Jorge [...]

Shout at the Devil


Shout at the Devil Bubbling emerald-green liquid glowed like a backlit cauldron. Something dark stirred below. A pale, slender hand and forearm broke the surface and grasped the air, animated after an eternity of submersion. The hand slowly closed into a fist. Failing to capture its target, the arm lurched for Mark’s ankle, seizing him [...]

Dying for an Invitation


Dying for an Invitation Mama discovered a six-year-old Dacie twirling and dancing in her bedroom. Her arms were outstretched, her tiny hands clasped by unseen larger ones that pulled her around in circles. Noticing her mother in the doorway, Dacie rapidly drew her hands back and sprung on her heels. That following Sunday she was [...]

Dead Over Heels


Dead Over Heels None of this is his fault, but here we sit in the police station. The cold, white walls are scuffed and dirty. Scrolling mug shots of wanted criminals flash by on a mounted monitor. My hand is clutching Sebastian’s, although I’m not sure he’s even aware of it after all we’ve been [...]

While My Guitar Gently Weeps


While My Guitar Gently Weeps I chucked my work phone into the gutter, watching it shatter into a small shit storm of fractured plastic and metal. A feeling of satisfaction pumped through my veins. Ha! They’ll probably take that out of my paycheck—bastards! I looked up to find out where the hell I was and [...]